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            near Yonge & Dundas
            Asking Price: $2,450.00 1+0bdr • 1ba • 1kit • 600-699sf
            Average Income
            Population Age
            35 y/old
            School Score
            Price Index Change 1y
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            Rent Index Change 1y
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            Condo Apt • Apartment • 23 Level

            210 Victoria Street Church-Yonge Corridor Toronto
            • bath

              1+0 bedr, 1 bath

            • Kitchens


            • area


            • garage

              0.0 None

            • exposure


            • pets


            • locker


            LISTING C5652056 NOT ACTIVE




            98 Walker's Paradise

            100 Rider's Paradise

            94 Biker's Paradise


            Property Location Details
            • Toronto

            • Toronto

            • Church-Yonge Corridor

            • Yonge & Dundas

            • M5B2R3

            Listing Details Provided By
            Property Details Provided By Toronto Real Estate Board
            Listing Brokerage


            Property Overview
            Renovated From Top To Bottom! Premium One Bedroom Plus One Locker At Panteges Tower. In The Heart Of Downtown. Steps To Eaton Center. Dundas Square, Ttc, Ryerson University And All Amenities. 24 Hours Concierge
            Brand New: Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher, Hood-Fan, Washer/Dryer
            Rooms details
            • Flat Level
            • Combined W/Dining
            • Laminate
            • Size 8.16x3.13
            • Flat Level
            • Combined W/Living
            • Laminate
            • Size 8.16x3.13
            • Flat Level
            • Open Concept
            • Limestone Flooring
            • Size 2.53x2.04
            Prim Bdrm
            • Flat Level
            • Bow Window
            • Laminate
            • Size 3.96x2.85
            • None
            Address Sales History (Sign up for more details) 2021-09-29 Ter 20DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-10-22 Sld 43DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-09-16 Lsd 2DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-09-27 Lsd 12DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-09-18 Sld 1DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-09-22 Sus 1DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-11-02 Ter 41DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-10-10 Lsd 16DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-11-01 Sld 38DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-10-01 Sus 3DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-11-15 Ter 47DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-10-21 Lsd 22DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-10-24 Sld 24DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-10-13 Ter 9DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-11-01 Sld 28DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-10-22 Lsd 16DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-11-09 Lsd 33DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-11-19 Lsd 38DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-09 Sld 89DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-11-15 Ter 33DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-10-28 Sld 14DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-11-22 Ter 27DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-11-25 Ter 29DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-11-16 Lsd 14DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-11-26 Ter 23DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-22 Lsd 79DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-02-13 Lsd 95DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-30 Sld 81DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-12-02 Sld 17DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-11-19 Sld 3DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-27 Lsd 73DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-17 Sld 62DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-02-22 Lsd 97DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-04 Ter 47DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-11-24 Lsd 2DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-12-04 Lsd 8DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-28 Sld 63DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-12-10 Lsd 9DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-18 Ter 46DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-12 Sus 40DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-12-12 Lsd 13DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-12-13 Sld 7DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-17 Lsd 47DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-10 Ter 29DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2021-12-18 Lsd 5DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-24 Ter 40DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-14 Sld 10DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-19 Lsd 14DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-18 Lsd 8DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 Pc 36DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-20 Lsd 2DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-02-14 Ter 21DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-01-29 Lsd 5DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-02-05 Lsd 13DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-02-17 Lsd 22DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 New 0DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-03-05 Ter 26DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-02-24 Lsd 17DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-02-22 Lsd 8DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-02-16 Sld 2DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 Pc 19DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-03-18 Ter 23DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-04-11 Lsd 47DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-03-03 Lsd 6DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-03-10 Lsd 6DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-03-16 Lsd 8DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-05-19 Ter 62DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 New 0DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-05-25 Ter 36DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-05-27 Lsd 38DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-04-30 Lsd 10DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-05-19 Lsd 24DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-05-19 Ter 23DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-05-27 Lsd 29DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-06-07 Sus 44DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-05-09 Ter 10DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 New 0DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-05-17 Lsd 13DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-05-11 Lsd 5DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-06-07 Lsd 33DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 New 0DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-06-02 Ter 22DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 New 27DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-05-18 Lsd 2DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 Sc 18DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 Pc 12DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-05-23 Lsd 3DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 Pc 14DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-05-31 Lsd 14DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 2022-06-01 Lsd 2DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 New 9DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 New 1DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 New 4DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 New 1DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 New 0DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 New 1DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 New 0DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx 0000-00-00 New 0DOM List: $xxx Sld: $xxx
            • Listing added to site: 2022-06-08 21:46:44
            • Last updated: 2022-07-05 01:37:55
            • Photos updated: 2022-06-08
            • Contract date: 2022-06-08
            • Input date: 2022-06-08
            • Expiry date: 2022-09-30
            • Closed date: 0000-00-00
            • Condition expiry date: 0000-00-00
            • Extension entry date: 0000-00-00
            • Sold date: 0000-00-00
            • Suspended date: 0000-00-00
            • Terminated date: 0000-00-00
            • Unavailable date: 0000-00-00
            • Condition:
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            • Listing added to site: 2022-06-08 21:46:44
            • Last updated: 2022-07-05 01:37:55
            • Photos updated: 2022-06-08