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            AIDA's CMA is taking into account real estate market fluctuations for given type properties in the city and neighborhood, so sometimes CMA may significately vary from the prices properties are listed at.

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            Comparative Market Analysis for MLS# W4996077

            1br 1ba 500-599sf
















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            MLS# W4996077 Listing Details
            Among all comparable properties rented in condo located at 56 Annie Craig Drive in Mimico in Toronto from Jan 2017 to Nov 2020, after adjusting rental rates accordin to market conditions at the time of sale, AIDA has calculated that:
            Minimum Rent Adjusted was:


            Maximum Rent Adjusted was:


            AIDA's ESTIMATE (based on 80 properties)
            AIDA's Comparative Market Analysis is based on comparable properties sales data adjusted according to the monthly fluctuations of the local real estate market, and is equivalent to:


            Which makes the Asking Price ($1,750) less than AIDA's Appraised Value by:


            Or, in percentage equivalent, by:


            • Condo lockers are not taken into account.
            • Upgrades and quality of renovation are not taken into account.


            AIDA found 80 comparable properties rented out in condo located at 56 Annie Craig Drive in Mimico in Toronto from Jan 2017 to Nov 2020

            Use the table's first column checkboxes to exclude/include properties into evaluation. The numbers above will automatically get recalculated accordingly.

            Sold onFloorUnit#AddressExpSQFTBed • BathGar SpacesSold PriceTime Adj %Time Adj Price
            2017-02-03***90556 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,65016.47%***
            2017-02-08***B 51360 Annie Craig Dr WNe500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,55016.47%***
            2017-02-09***180656 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,55016.47%***
            2017-02-11***150556 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,72516.47%***
            2017-02-13***61360 Annie Craig DrS500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,57516.47%***
            2017-02-16***161156 Annie Craig DrSe500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,65016.47%***
            2017-02-19***230656 Annie Craig DrNe500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,65016.47%***
            2017-02-24***220756 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,65016.47%***
            2017-02-26***101156 Annie Craig DrN500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,65016.47%***
            2017-02-26***350659 Annie Craig DrSw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,67516.47%***
            2017-03-08***111156 Annie Craig DrSe500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,65019.24%***
            2017-03-09***250656 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,57519.24%***
            2017-03-09***150156 Annie Craig DrNe500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,72519.24%***
            2017-03-13***51156 Annie Craig DrE500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,60019.24%***
            2017-03-15***270756 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,55019.24%***
            2017-03-15***50556 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,65019.24%***
            2017-03-16***200656 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,55019.24%***
            2017-03-16***340756 Annie Craig DrN500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,60019.24%***
            2017-03-21***280656 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,60019.24%***
            2017-03-22***71360 Annie Craig DrS500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,60019.24%***
            2017-03-27***320756 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,65019.24%***
            2017-03-30***350656 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,65019.24%***
            2017-04-05***350756 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,75019.48%***
            2017-04-05***160856 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,60019.48%***
            2017-04-18***90156 Annie Craig DrE500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,75019.48%***
            2017-05-01***140556 Annie Craig DrSe500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,75017.54%***
            2017-05-03***120659 Annie Craig DrSw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,75017.54%***
            2017-05-15***430656 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,70017.54%***
            2017-05-29***30356 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,55017.54%***
            2017-06-16***80156 Annie Craig DrNe500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,75015.92%***
            2017-06-29***180659 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,85015.92%***
            2017-07-24***101156 Annie Craig DrN500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,79013.45%***
            2017-08-04***150656 Annie Craig DrSw500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,75010.96%***
            2017-08-14***50856 Annie Craig DrN500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,70010.96%***
            2017-09-04***440656 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,7509.29%***
            2017-12-11***350659 Annie Craig DrSw500-5991+0 • 11.0$2,0257.15%***
            2018-01-23***140859 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,9007.72%***
            2018-02-06***220756 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,7007.43%***
            2018-02-09***90556 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,9007.43%***
            2018-03-06***350656 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,7756.98%***
            2018-03-28***151156 Annie Craig DrE500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,8756.98%***
            2018-03-29***370459 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+0 • 11.0$2,1006.98%***
            2018-04-18***30960 Annie Craig Dr WE500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,7006.41%***
            2018-06-08***111156 Annie Craig DrSe500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,9004.01%***
            2018-06-11***430656 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,8504.01%***
            2018-06-26***310656 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,8504.01%***
            2018-07-06***250656 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,8502.58%***
            2018-07-20***81160 Annie Craig DrS500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,9002.58%***
            2018-07-26***70556 Annie Craig DrSw500-5991+1 • 11.0$1,9252.58%***
            2018-08-10***120659 Annie Craig DrSw500-5991+0 • 11.0$2,0000.55%***
            2018-08-24***30239 Annie Craig DrS500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,9000.55%***
            2018-09-12***60239 Annie Craig DrSw500-5991+1 • 11.0$2,250-0.39%***
            2018-09-15***270656 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,950-0.39%***
            2018-09-21***160859 Annie Craig DrN500-5991+0 • 11.0$2,100-0.39%***
            2018-09-25***330656 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$2,050-0.39%***
            2018-09-25***80239 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+1 • 11.0$2,400-0.39%***
            2018-09-26***71839 Annie Craig DrSw500-5991+1 • 11.0$2,000-0.39%***
            2018-09-28***70239 Annie Craig DrSw500-5991+1 • 11.0$2,300-0.39%***
            2018-10-14***280756 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,949-2.22%***
            2018-10-18***100339 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+1 • 11.0$2,200-2.22%***
            2018-10-23***350756 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,968-2.22%***
            2018-10-25***380756 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,976-2.22%***
            2018-10-26***110339 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+1 • 11.0$2,200-2.22%***
            2018-11-12***60239 Annie Craig DrSw500-5991+1 • 11.0$2,150-3.3%***
            2018-11-23***B20560 Annie Craig DrNe500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,900-3.3%***
            2018-11-29***120839 Annie Craig DrNe500-5991+0 • 11.0$2,000-3.3%***
            2018-12-29***160239 Annie Craig DrSw500-5991+1 • 11.0$2,150-2.41%***
            2019-01-12***30539 Annie Craig DrNw500-5991+0 • 11.0$2,000-2.27%***
            2019-01-15***140739 Annie Craig DrNe500-5991+0 • 11.0$2,150-2.27%***
            2019-01-16***120539 Annie Craig DrSw500-5991+0 • 11.0$2,100-2.27%***
            2019-01-27***50839 Annie Craig DrN500-5991+0 • 11.0$2,000-2.27%***
            2019-01-28***180859 Annie Craig Dr WE500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,850-2.27%***
            2019-02-01***120739 Annie Craig DrE500-5991+0 • 11.0$2,000-1.41%***
            2019-02-03***71360 Annie Craig DrE500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,950-1.41%***
            2019-02-05***161439 Annie Craig DrSe500-5991+0 • 11.0$2,050-1.41%***
            2019-02-14***80239 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+1 • 11.0$2,100-1.41%***
            2019-03-14***220756 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+0 • 11.0$1,900-1.46%***
            2019-03-19***171439 Annie Craig DrSe500-5991+0 • 11.0$2,100-1.46%***
            2019-03-31***151139 Annie Craig DrW500-5991+1 • 11.0$2,200-1.46%***
            2019-04-01***70739 Annie Craig DrNe500-5991+0 • 11.0$2,000-2.6%***

            Mimico, Toronto Sales History More

            Mimico, Toronto: Overall Sales Statistics for Condos
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            Neighborhood Sales Statistics
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            Neighborhood Rent Statistics
            Mimico, Toronto: Detailed Sales & Rent Statistics for Condos
            Listing Overview


            508 56 Annie Craig Drive is a condo apt apartment, located in Mimico of city of Toronto, Toronto region, near Parklawn/Lake Shore Blvd. W., and has been available for lease on ITRealty since 2020-11-20. This unit is located at level 5 of the building and has North-East exposure of Annie Craig Dr. Condo registry office is TSCC, corporation number 2590.

            Lot Size and Living Area:

            508 56 Annie Craig Drive has 4+0 rooms in total, including 1+0 bedroms, 1 baths and 1 kitchen. Please find this condo rooms details on this page above.
            Living area of this condo unit is within the range of 500-599 square feet.
            1.0 parking space(s) are owned and located undergrnd at level . The locker is owned. ensuite laundry is located on main level.

            Heating and Cooling:

            The condo heat source is Gas, the heat type is Forced Air and air-conditioning is Central Air.

            Listing Features:

            This condo is featuring Beach, Lake Access, Park, Public Transit, Rec Centre at, or near the property.
            AIDA has also identified the following listing features: Currently Leased, Waterfront/Near a Lake, Swimming Pool, AIDA Recommended.

            Price & Cost Overview


            508 56 Annie Craig Drive condo apt is listed for $1,750.

            Comparative Market Analysis:

            There are similar 1+0 bedr condo apt recently sold for an average Time Adjusted Selling Price of $1,983.
            Visit a customized Comparative Market Analysis page for more details.

            Location Overview


            Mimico, where 56 Annie Craig Drive is located, has $760,872 Home Price Index, and $2,457 Home Rent Index. Average household income at dissemination area of 56 Annie Craig Drive is $76,823, and average polulation age is 45 years old.
            Average Home Price Index among 143 evaluated neighborhoods in city of Toronto is $1,059,945, and average Home Rent Index $2,565.

            Similar Properties & Community Details:

            There are similar to 508 56 Annie Craig Drive 1 bedr condo apt condos listed For Sale and For Rent in city of Toronto.
            Learn about the prices of Recently Sold Condos and Recently Rented Condos near 56 Annie Craig Drive.
            You may also find useful information about the schools, real estate sales and rent statistics, home price index and more at Mimico neighborhood in city of Toronto.

            Walkscore, Transitscore, and Bikescore:

            With Walkscore, Transitscore, and Bikescore of 33, 63, and 78 accordingly, location of 56 Annie Craig Drive overall can be described as Car-Dependent, Good Transit, and Very Bikeable.

            508 56 Annie Craig Drive Listings History Powered By AIDA
            Mimico, Toronto Sales & Rent History Powered by AIDA

            All results are for informational purposes only, and we do not guarantee neither take any responsibility for AIDA's CMA accuracy. Please use it for the informational purpose only at your own risk, contact your agent (or one of ours), or a professional appraisal company for more details.

            City of Toronto Condos MOI (Months of Inventory)
            Last month sales statistics:
            It is a Sellers market. Existing inventory is less than enough for 4 months sales supply (94 days).
            Sellers are not likely to negotiate the price, but it is easier to sell your own property.
            Buy first, sell next is a possible strategy, as your own properety may go up in price while you are shopping.
            How often similar homes get rented?
            You may expect 46 to 56 properties like that to be sold in Mimico during the next 30 days.
            Seasonal sales fluctuation is showing 20% inventory increase comparing to the average annual number, which is equvalent to 42.58 properties sold per month, and 4% increase comparing to the last six months.
            How soon can it be sold?
            This property has been on the market for 7 days, which is 16 days less than the recent sales average and can be considered as a relatively new listing that can be sold at any time if the price is right.
            Seasonal sales fluctuation is showing -1% D.O.M. decrease comparing to the average annual number, which is equvalent to 23 D.O.M., and 3% increase comparing to the last six months indicating slightly declining demand for this type of property within this price range.
            At what price can it be sold?
            Similar properties currently sell very close to its asking price in Mimico.
            The selling to asking price ratio is slighyly growing, as this housing type demand remains stable in Mimico.
            This property has not been on the market for long enough yet to guess if it can be sold above the asking price, but it can get sold in the nearest future if the price is right.
            Have a look at comparable properties sold in the past, to get a better idea about this home market value: MLS W4996077 Comparative Market Analysis

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