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            Some features are limited, with full access granted only to our clients and real estate agents representing ITRealty.

            All results are for informational purposes only, and we do not guarantee neither take any responsibility for AIDA's CMA accuracy. Please use it for the informational purpose only at your own risk, contact your agent (or one of ours), or a professional appraisal company for more details.

            AIDA's CMA is taking into account real estate market fluctuations for given type properties in the city and neighborhood, so sometimes CMA may significately vary from the prices properties are listed at.

            Please check below on the page for what AIDA is not including into the CMA.

            Comparative Market Analysis for MLS# C4693221

            Price -$50
            1br 1ba 0-499sf
















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            MLS# C4693221 Listing Details
            Among all comparable properties rented in condo located at 87 Peter Street in Waterfront Communities C1 in Toronto from Jan 2017 to Feb 2020, after adjusting rental rates accordin to market conditions at the time of sale, AIDA has calculated that:
            Minimum Rent Adjusted was:


            Maximum Rent Adjusted was:


            AIDA's ESTIMATE (based on 89 properties)
            AIDA's Comparative Market Analysis is based on comparable properties sales data adjusted according to the monthly fluctuations of the local real estate market, and is equivalent to:


            Which makes the Asking Price ($2,200) more than AIDA's Appraised Value by:


            Or, in percentage equivalent, by:


            • Condo lockers are not taken into account.
            • Upgrades and quality of renovation are not taken into account.


            AIDA found 89 comparable properties rented out in condo located at 87 Peter Street in Waterfront Communities C1 in Toronto from Jan 2017 to Feb 2020

            Use the table's first column checkboxes to exclude/include properties into evaluation. The numbers above will automatically get recalculated accordingly.

            Sold onFloorUnit#AddressExpSQFTBed • BathGar SpacesSold PriceTime Adj %Time Adj Price
            2018-09-01***61387 Peter StE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1501.14%***
            2018-09-08***71687 Peter StE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1501.14%***
            2018-09-10***80987 Peter StW0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,2001.14%***
            2018-09-17***70987 Peter StW0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,2001.14%***
            2018-09-21***90987 Peter StN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1501.14%***
            2018-10-01***111687 Peter StE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,150-0.09%***
            2018-10-08***121687 Peter StE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,150-0.09%***
            2018-10-17***151287 Peter StE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,100-0.09%***
            2018-10-25***191687 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,200-0.09%***
            2018-10-30***181287 Peter StE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,100-0.09%***
            2018-10-31***210187 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,090-0.09%***
            2018-10-31***181587 Peter StN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,200-0.09%***
            2018-11-01***220887 Peter StNe0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,050-0.3%***
            2018-11-05***171587 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,100-0.3%***
            2018-11-06***200887 Peter StNe0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,100-0.3%***
            2018-11-08***160187 Peter StSw0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,280-0.3%***
            2018-11-08***210887 Peter StN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,200-0.3%***
            2018-11-10***180887 Peter StN0-4991+0 • 10.0$1,999-0.3%***
            2018-11-10***251287 Peter StE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,100-0.3%***
            2018-11-12***230187 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,100-0.3%***
            2018-11-13***190187 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,100-0.3%***
            2018-11-19***261287 Peter StE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,200-0.3%***
            2018-11-20***241287 Peter StE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,150-0.3%***
            2018-11-23***211587 Peter StN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,100-0.3%***
            2018-11-23***201687 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,150-0.3%***
            2018-12-05***301587 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1000.52%***
            2018-12-06***281587 Peter StSe0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1000.52%***
            2018-12-06***251587 Peter StN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1000.52%***
            2018-12-09***301687 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1000.52%***
            2018-12-10***280187 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1000.52%***
            2018-12-14***350187 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0500.52%***
            2018-12-19***241687 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1000.52%***
            2018-12-20***300187 Peter StreetSe0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,2000.52%***
            2018-12-20***230887 Peter StN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1000.52%***
            2018-12-29***290887 Peter StN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0500.52%***
            2018-12-29***321287 Peter StE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1500.52%***
            2019-01-01***360187 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1001.14%***
            2019-01-04***251687 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1001.14%***
            2019-01-05***250887 Peter StN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0001.14%***
            2019-01-12***231687 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1001.14%***
            2019-01-15***291587 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0651.14%***
            2019-01-18***381287 Peter StreetE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1001.14%***
            2019-01-18***330887 Peter StN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0501.14%***
            2019-01-18***311687 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1501.14%***
            2019-01-19***391587 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1001.14%***
            2019-01-20***340187 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,2001.14%***
            2019-02-03***380887 Peter StN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1002.03%***
            2019-02-04***241587 Peter StN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1002.03%***
            2019-02-07***331287 Peter StreetE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1502.03%***
            2019-02-08***440187 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0002.03%***
            2019-02-10***401687 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0802.03%***
            2019-02-11***441287 Peter StE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1002.03%***
            2019-02-13***390187 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0502.03%***
            2019-02-14***430187 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0502.03%***
            2019-02-14***380187 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1002.03%***
            2019-02-15***371687 Peter StreetS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1002.03%***
            2019-02-20***341287 Peter StreetE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1002.03%***
            2019-02-21***411687 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0502.03%***
            2019-02-22***361587 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0002.03%***
            2019-02-22***401587 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0252.03%***
            2019-02-22***431587 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1002.03%***
            2019-03-03***270187 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0501.76%***
            2019-03-05***351587 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0501.76%***
            2019-03-06***371587 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1001.76%***
            2019-03-07***271587 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1001.76%***
            2019-03-12***421287 Peter StE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0001.76%***
            2019-03-12***311287 Peter StE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0001.76%***
            2019-03-15***420887 Peter StN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0001.76%***
            2019-04-07***421587 Peter StS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,2501.22%***
            2019-06-29***371687 Peter StreetS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,2000.22%***
            2019-07-12***71687 Peter StreetE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,100-0.43%***
            2019-08-08***440887 Peter StreetN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,100-1.11%***
            2019-09-19***111687 Peter StreetE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,050-1.95%***
            2019-09-22***461287 Peter StreetE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,300-1.95%***
            2019-09-24***161287 Peter StreetE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,400-1.95%***
            2019-09-24***270887 Peter StreetN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,150-1.95%***
            2019-09-28***80987 Peter StreetW0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,100-1.95%***
            2019-10-06***210187 Peter StreetS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,100-1.99%***
            2019-10-15***261287 Peter StreetE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,150-1.99%***
            2019-10-22***211587 Peter StreetN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,150-1.99%***
            2019-11-02***301687 Peter StreetS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,150-1.61%***
            2019-11-04***220887 Peter StreetNe0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,100-1.61%***
            2019-11-12***231187 Peter StreetNw0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,150-1.61%***
            2019-11-14***251187 Peter StreetNw0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,150-1.61%***
            2019-11-17***171587 Peter StreetS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,100-1.61%***
            2019-12-18***410887 Peter StreetN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,050-0.98%***
            2020-02-04***331287 Peter StreetE0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1500%***
            2020-02-10***370187 Peter StreetS0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,1000%***
            2020-02-10***330887 Peter StreetN0-4991+0 • 10.0$2,0500%***

            Waterfront Communities C1, Toronto Sales History More

            Waterfront Communities C1, Toronto: Overall Sales Statistics for Condos
            Powered by AIDA © (
            Neighborhood Sales Statistics
            Powered by AIDA © (
            Neighborhood Rent Statistics
            Waterfront Communities C1, Toronto: Detailed Sales & Rent Statistics for Condos
            Listing Overview


            3616 87 Peter Street is a condo apt apartment, located in Waterfront Communities C1 of city of Toronto, Toronto region, near Peter St / Adelaide St W, and has been available for lease on ITRealty since 2020-02-15. This unit is located at level 36 of the building and has South exposure of Peter St. Condo registry office is TBD, corporation number 0.

            Lot Size and Living Area:

            3616 87 Peter Street has 3+0 rooms in total, including 1+0 bedroms, 1 baths and 1 kitchen. Please find this condo rooms details on this page above.
            Living area of this condo unit is within the range of 0-499 square feet. 87 Peter Street building is appriximately New years old. A ensuite laundry is available at this condo &(type).

            Heating and Cooling:

            The condo heat source is Gas, the heat type is Forced Air and air-conditioning is Central Air.

            Listing Features:

            AIDA has also found the following features: Open Concept, Price Change, and possible sellers motivation indicators such as Reduced Asking Price.

            Price & Cost Overview


            3616 87 Peter Street condo apt is listed for $2,200.

            Comparative Market Analysis:

            There are similar 1+0 bedr condo apt recently sold for an average Time Adjusted Selling Price of $2,121.
            Visit a customized Comparative Market Analysis page for more details.

            Location Overview


            Waterfront Communities C1, where 87 Peter Street is located, has $751,189 Home Price Index, and $2,638 Home Rent Index. Average household income at dissemination area of 87 Peter Street is $74,304, and average polulation age is 31 years old.
            Average Home Price Index among 143 evaluated neighborhoods in city of Toronto is $972,764, and average Home Rent Index $2,634.

            Similar Properties & Community Details:

            There are similar to 3616 87 Peter Street 1 bedr condo apt condos listed For Sale and For Rent in city of Toronto.
            Learn about the prices of Recently Sold Condos and Recently Rented Condos near 87 Peter Street.
            You may also find useful information about the schools, real estate sales and rent statistics, home price index and more at Waterfront Communities C1 neighborhood in city of Toronto.

            Walkscore, Transitscore, and Bikescore:

            With Walkscore, Transitscore, and Bikescore of 100, 100, and 75 accordingly, location of 87 Peter Street overall can be described as Walker's Paradise, Rider's Paradise, and Very Bikeable.

            3616 87 Peter Street Listings History Powered By AIDA
            Waterfront Communities C1, Toronto Sales & Rent History Powered by AIDA

            All results are for informational purposes only, and we do not guarantee neither take any responsibility for AIDA's CMA accuracy. Please use it for the informational purpose only at your own risk, contact your agent (or one of ours), or a professional appraisal company for more details.

            City of Toronto Condos MOI (Months of Inventory)
            Last month sales statistics:
            It is a Sellers market. Existing inventory is less than enough for 4 months sales supply (39 days).
            Sellers are not likely to negotiate the price, but it is easier to sell your own property.
            Buy first, sell next is a possible strategy, as your own properety may go up in price while you are shopping.
            How often similar homes get rented?
            You may expect 216 to 264 properties like that to be sold in Waterfront Communities C1 during the next 30 days.
            Seasonal sales fluctuation is showing -16% inventory decline comparing to the average annual number, which is equvalent to 285.67 properties sold per month, and -16% decline comparing to the last six months.
            How soon it can be sold?
            This property has been on the market for 12 days, which is 12 days less than the recent sales average and can be considered as a relatively new listing that can be sold at any time if the price is right.
            Seasonal sales fluctuation is showing 29% D.O.M. increase comparing to the average annual number, which is equvalent to 18 D.O.M., and 24% increase comparing to the last six months indicating slightly declining demand for this type of property within this price range.
            At what price it can be sold?
            Similar properties currently sell very close to its asking price in Waterfront Communities C1.
            The selling to asking price ratio is declining in Waterfront Communities C1.
            This property has not been on the market for long enough yet to guess if it can be sold above the asking price, but it can get sold in the nearest future if the price is right.
            Have a look at comparable properties sold in the past, to get a better idea about this home market value: MLS C4693221 Comparative Market Analysis

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