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            Real Estate Services For Buyers

            We will speak with you to discuss your needs and goals, and to plan the search for your property. Our search tools allow the location of properties with good walk and transit scores, near good schools, public transportation, and more.
            We will connect you to a reputable lender for a pre-qualification or pre-approval to identify your range of affordability and to increase your negotiating strength.
            We will provide a comparative market analysis of selling properties in order to evaluate its current market value and fair price. Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools combined with the agents' personal skills will help you make the right choice and potentially save you thousands of dollars.
            Our algorithms can spot both underestimated and overpriced properties, giving our clients the decision making advantage and saving their time.
            Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or currently a property owner, we will provide you with an estimate of closing costs and down payment requirements anticipated in the transaction.
            We will prepare a written offer on the property you choose to purchase, with terms and conditions approved by you, as well as assist in developing a negotiation strategy - a key role in any purchase.
            A professional property inspection may address basic construction issues. We will explain the benefits and recommend a professional home inspector.
            We will present your purchase offer directly to the seller’s representative for the offer presentation.
            We will book and accompany you on a thorough walk-through of the property before closing (if included in the sales contract), and we will assist you in dealing with any problems discovered.
            We will check the progress of the purchase transaction and inform you accordingly, including the satisfaction of all conditions during the entirety of the transaction.
            We will follow up on details or service needed after closing to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

            Commission rebates to clients and customers

            Any GTA properties listed on MLS for $400K or more qualify for cashback when purchased with ITRealty. Please contact us to confirm a cashback option if you already have a property to buy in mind, even if it's located outside of the GTA.
            Buyer's cashback varies from 1% to 1.5% if you just buy or buy and sell your property respectively. Please use our Cashback Calculator above and apply to your situation.
            Buyer's cashback is paid off our buyer agent's commission, and, most of the time is equivalent to half the standard commission taken by other brokers.
            When you buy a home with ITRealty, the commission is paid by the seller. We will split that commission with you on a fair basis by way of ITRealty's Cashback Bonus.
            The Buyer's Cashback Bonus is delivered to the buyer via cheque once the transaction is completed and funds from the sale have been distributed to all parties. This process typically takes a few days after closing, and rarely takes more than a week.
            Yes, you will get an ITRealty cashback bonus equivalent to 1% of your pre-construction property purchase price on possession of the property.
            Our state-of-the-art real estate search engine powered by artificial intelligence has revolutionized the property search and evaluation processes, saving us time, financial and human resources. We are passing these savings on to you, in the form of fair seller's commissions and buyer's cashback bonus.
            As per RECO regulations
            "Commission rebates are a legitimate marketing tool and a way for registrants to differentiate themselves in the marketplace."
            "Commission rebater or similar compensation may be provided to a brokerage’s client or customer (i.e., buyer or seller) that is a party to the trade in question."
            Rebates to customers and clients may be issued in different ways, including:
            • the brokerage issuing a payment directly to the customer or client; and
            • the salesperson or broker issuing a payment directly to the customer or client.
            No matter which method is used, there may be income tax or HST implications. Please contact the Canada Revenue Agency to determine the tax implications for you, or seek professional advice.

            Real Estate Services For Sellers

            We will conduct market research to find what your home may be worth today. Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools combined with the agents' personal skills will help you make the right choices when it comes to setting your property's asking price, making the real estate transaction smooth, and could potentially save you thousands of dollars.
            Our CMA Time Adjustment algorithm can identify comparable properties sold in the past, accounting for market fluctuation.
            An individual marketing plan will include various options designed to sell your property in the best way. Every house is different and requires an individual approach.
            Beginning with professional photography, planned open houses, printed marketing material, and a feature sheet, it may also require a 3D virtual tour, drone video and photography, real or virtual staging, a floor plan, and a designated web page. We can provide it all. Check out some examples at our partner's website
            We will only charge you 1/2 of a typical selling agent's commission when selling your house without compromising the quality of service. If you are also a buying a property with us, an additional 1.5% cashback bonus may save you tens of thousand dollars all together.
            You may be surprised how some simple things may make your house more appealing to the buyer and stand out from the competition. We will help you professionally prepare your home for sale to enhance the look and presentation of the property.
            Only small percentage of sellers made this a priority need. Using a checklist as a guide, we build our listing services presentation around marketing and proper pricing first.
            It is crucial to find the right buyer.
            Negotiating can be made more efficient if you act on a win-win prospective, first identifying the value-creating moves. We always try to use property's market value instead of the price offered.
            The real estate marketing in both Toronto and the GTA is extremely competitive. With home prices rising every year, we want to ensure that you get the best value for your property, and part of this is showcasing it in the absolute best light possible to the largest audience.
            Along with listing your property on the MLS system, our realtors offer direct mail, e-mail marketing, and social media advertising services in order to get the most eyes on your property. This is of course coupled with stunning photos and/or a fully immersive virtual tour.
            Seasonal market fluctuation can significantly impact your home price. There are two best timeframes when to sell your home through the year, and, depending on the average number of days on market for a home like yours in your neighborhood, there are two right moments through the year to put up your property for sale.
            Most realtors will suggest several ways to market your home, including doing open houses. As your real estate professionals, we will advise on how to make your open house successful. The three major steps to a successful open house are planning, promotion and presentation.
            We are extremely interested in selling your property at the highest price. So, apart from the standard realtor's listing services, we will advertise your home on social media, distribute it over tens of real estate listing sites across Ontario and Canada, and feature it on the ITRealty site, receiving several thousand visitors a day to maximize exposure to potential buyers.
            An extremely broad marketing service at no extra cost for you.

            Both, Buying and Selling?

            Then you may save even more on either a higher buyer's cashback, or a bigger listing commission discount when selling your property. Please use the Cashback Calculator on the top of the page, or contact us for a quote.

            Confident that your property is an easy sell?

            Then you may not need a full selling agent service, and can save even more. Get it listed on MLS at only $699. We provide a proper property description, MLS Listing and a street sign, you provide the photography. Buyer agent commission (2-2.5%) still required.

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            Don't know where to begin? Our partners in the real estate business can answer any questions, making your home purchase or selling transaction smooth and worry-free.

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