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            Save on buying real estate


            Our state-of-the-art real estate search engine powered by artificial intelligence has revolutionized the property search and evaluation processes.

            We are passing our savings on to you, in the form of fair seller's commissions and buyer's cashback bonus.

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            Cashback Rules

            Direct clients only

            This service is designated only for consumers not under a representation agreement with another realtor.

            Cashback amount

            A typical cashback amount will be up to 1% of the purchase price. Some conditions apply.

            When Paid

            The cashback is paid to you on closing, when you get possession of the purchased property.

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            L1V7G*, Pickering Properties For Sale

            $12,500 Cashback
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            41x126 ft


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            L1V7G*, Pickering Properties For Rent

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            L1V7G4 Demographics & Housing Statistics

            Statistics Canada

            Information provided by Statistics Canada and represents 2016 Census data.

            Dissemination Area Definition

            A dissemination area (DA) is a small, relatively stable geographic unit composed of one or more adjacent dissemination blocks, with a population of 400 to 700 persons. It is the smallest standard geographic area for which all census data are disseminated. DAs cover all the territory of Canada.

            How to use
            • Switch between Demographics & Housing tabs
            • Click Statistics Headers to expand
            • Click Pie Charts section for more details